Monday, June 8, 2009

Blogging Debut

After MUCH hesitation and inner debate, I decided to attempt blogging for stamping. I was persuaded by other Stampin' Up! demonstrators that blogging is the most effective way to let my customer friends know about current techniques and fun finds.

So, here we go! Please forgive me for lapses in updates or for blogging errors, as I am VERY new to this. :)

As far as stamping and crafting is concerned, this blog will be devoted almost entirely to Stampin' Up!, as it is my true crafting love. I do not design or sell for any other company, nor do I intend to do so in the future. Although I have tried using other stamp and paper products, I always return to Stampin' Up! because of the outstanding quality.

Once in awhile, I may post something related to family, but I will primarily focus on trying to show you all the fun world of paper crafting and home decor.

Oh, for those curious, my blog header "Once Upon a Stamp" combines my love of stamping with my even greater love of reading (GASP!). Those of you who know me already know what an unabashed, nerdy bookworm I am. I spent my childhood holed up in my bedroom with books, rather than fight my eight siblings for television time, enduring endless teasing from my brother and his friends about his nerdy sister. Ah, fun times.

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